Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Another four years for President Barack Obama as he wins the Election on November 6, 2012! I was watching the results, in my political science class, for the electoral votes and in came the Democratic States, then Ohio came up in favor of Obama, securing his win. The candidates needed 270 electoral votes to win and with the help of Ohio, Obama had the most electoral votes with 303, and Governor Romney had 206. Not only did Obama with with numbers, but he won with the liking and the connection he has made with the American people. I must say, this was a VERY close election, everyone on the edge of their seats! Both candidates showcased their plans and policies for our country. Obama congratulated Mitt Romney and in his speech he said, "In the weeks ahead I am looking forward to sitting down with Gov. Romney to discuss how we can move this country forward." Let's see what the next four years will bring, hopefully positive outcomes! Obama added, "I return to the White House more determined, more inspired than ever." OBAMA-BIDEN for the win! I am also ecstatic that Proposition 30 passed, which will affect me, and every student in California! Last night it was a close call as well, tying in dead even at 50-50, but our young educated students did their part in pushing for the win! Prop 30 will provide California school with funding and prevent cuts to the education system, with a temporary tax increase to fund this proposition. Yes! I can still get an education! This is the first time I was able to vote, and I will never let this opportunity pass me by! Very satisfied!