Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Entry!

Hey there reader, this is Caroline Michelle! So a couple months ago I got interested in blogs, fashion blogs specifically. I thought it was a supper cool and interesting way for people to post what they love. I decided to make one as well and show my interests and my life. I don't quite know how this will work out, hopefully great! Basically I'm a 17 year old high school girl living in Los Angeles. I love entertainment and hope to be a Entertainment Broadcast Journalist as well as many other things. I love acting and fashion, and different activities. My dream is to travel the world and just live my life happily with the people I love. Wherever I end up in life, whatever I become, I just want to be happy and laughing. I'm truly grateful of everything I have, and my amazing family! In this blog I will include fashion, entertainment, travel, love, my life, and anything that comes to my mind. Thank you for reading my first post, please follow and spread the word!

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